BIONIC University is the first in Ukraine open business-to-business IT-University, an educational initiative of Vasyl Khmelnytsky’s fund K.Fund in partnership with the leading Ukrainian and international IT-companies such as Infopulse, Cisco, BMS Consulting, Ciklum Consulting, MacPaw, Wikimedia Ukraine, etc. Founded in 2012. BIONIC University is a great opportunity to "learn by doing". From the first day students are working in a team on a real project, at the same time learning the necessary theory with trainers and experts. This is a training, a research and new discoveries that are waiting for you in the process of IT-products creation. Here you will find experienced mentors and likeminded people to work together with and also you will get practical skills to succeed in IT.


What do we teach?

  • To program in the way that the leading IT companies of Ukraine will hire you
  • To find solutions where others see a dead end
  • To present yourself and your results to experts and a vast audience
  • To implement ambitious projects in a team
  • To communicate with colleagues and senior managers and to understand each other
  • To pass job interviews and to receive job offers
  • To achieve success and to enjoy life!

What do you get?

  • High quality knowledge and practical skills
  • Experience of team work in real projects and presentation of your ideas
  • Portfolio of projects that will be interesting to potential employers
  • Networking with the leading experts of the IT-industry
  • New interesting and useful contacts
  • The opportunity to participate in international projects of BIONIC University (such as these - Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences)