To fill in the application form for studying at BIONIC (hereinafter – Application) you must take 3 steps:

Step 1. Authorize or register?

If you apply to BIONIC for the first time, you are not a graduate or you had applied before 01.01.2014 you need to register:

1. Visit the page


3. Fill in all fields necessary for the registration and CAPTCHA then choose tab «Register»

4. You will receive a letter with activation link to the e-mail you have stated during the registration. Follow the link in the e-mail. After that you are automatically authorized on the website and may find yourself on the page for filling in the application form. Also, after the activation you will get an e-mail with your registration information (login and password) and student’s ID.

If you are a graduate or you have already applied in the new system and you know you have an account, you need to authorize:

  1. Visit the page
  2. Click the tab « I HAVE AN ACCOUNT», enter your e-mail/password stated at the registration, press «Log in».

* If you have graduated before 01.01.2014, your password and activation link were generated automatically and sent to your e-mail in April 2014. If you have not received the e-mail, you need to activate your account and renew a password (detailed instruction is in the end of Step 1)

In case of problems:

* You have forgotten your password - go to  and follow the instructions on password recovery.

* You have not received an activation link on your e-mail within 10 min after the registration - go to  to get the e-mail  activation again.


Step 2. Apply for a program/programs

You may not apply for more than 2 programs in Bionic University.

  1. Choose the programs you are interested in

2. Answer additional questions (questions may vary for each program).

If you have a "Promocode", you can use it by typing it in the appropriate field (not obligatory).

3. Click «Next». If you filled in all the fields, avoided doubling your applications and did not exceed the allowed number of applications for one enrollment, you will be directed to the final Step 3.

*If you exceeded the allowed number of applications for programs, you will see the following message while trying to apply again

*If you are trying to apply repeatedly for the same program, an error will appear. 

That means your application is active and as soon as the enrollment for the program starts you will be included into candidates’ lists. You don’t have to apply once more since your application is active and has no expiry date.


* If application for one of the programs is not valid and you want to deactivate it, go to your Personal Profile . In the list of Active Applications you have to press  icon right near the certain program.

If the application participates in the enrollment, i.e. technical testing has started, it cannot be deactivated.


Step 3.  Additional information about the candidate

Fill in the necessary fields, paying special attention to mandatory ones – valid and full information will contribute to your successful personal interview at BIONIC University.

* Having completed this form once, all the fields will be filled in automatically- just check if the information is accurate and still valid.

  1. Higher education

While filling in the section «If you are studying» the section «If you have graduated» will be automatically deactivated and vice versa. Therefore enter the most up-to-date information.


In the field «University/ College» try to find your educational institution, if there none – fill in the field «Other» its full name.

If you made a mistake while filling in the section «Higher education» or you want to fill it in again, press the button «Reset» in the right bottom corner. Do not worry - this button cleans only the section «Higher education». Other sections remain unchanged.

2. Work experience

In this section you fill in the information about your current work place.

If you are currently unemployed: 

In the field “Organization/Company/ Project“ leave the space “-“,

In the field “Type of employment” choose “unemployed”,

In the field “Position” you may state your position in a previous place of employment or, if you have no work experience choose “No work experience” at the bottom of the list.

In the field “Previous work experiences” also leave the space “-“.


3. Having filled in all the fields click «Send»

*If you missed any of mandatory form fields or filled them in incorrectly, they will light up while trying to send the application form. Correct your mistakes and click «Send» once again.

4. After you have successfully filled in the Application form, expect an e-mail confirming that your Application form had been received. In this letter you will also find the link to your profile where you can manage your applications, namely: 

  • review your valid applications,
  • deactivate invalid ones,
  • find out which applications participate in an enrollment


What’s next?

Nothing too difficult. As soon as the new enrollment for your chosen program (or programs) is held at BIONIC, you will get an e-mail with invitation to take part in the testing.

You will have to choose convenient date and time of testing and come to BIONIC University at that very date ( ).

If you pass the testing, you will be invited to the interview. We calculate your rating based on results of your testing and interview and will e-mail the decision. If you are enrolled in a group you must confirm that you are ready to start studying at the date mentioned following the link in the e-mail (do not worry - there will be a guideline in the e-mail).


Good luck!