Bionic School
Level: Core

BIONIC School provides short training programs (1.5-2 months) on key areas of IT. Each student creates his own individual training “puzzle” depending on the starting level and does not waste time (and money!) to re-study topics that he already knows.

Who graduates from BIONIC School?

Today BIONIC School prepares IT-specialists in three main areas: Java (Enterprise specialization or Android), Front-end Development (layout, JavaScript + Angular), QA (Manual + Automation), we are also actively developing PHP programs and Business Analysis (for IT ).
Graduates of all BIONIC School programs can pass for an internship at BU DevStudio, where they will get experience in team software development from scratch for customers from Ukraine or the Netherlands (which is 4-6 months of experience in CV!) and become qualified Junior Developers/QA Engineers.
Participants of BU DevStudio internship often receive job offers before graduation =)

Team development experience in BIONIC School

This experience can only be obtained in BIONIC Summer Camp project, where students not only study the technology, but also develop a small but working product/ prototype in teams for customers in Kyiv and Kyiv region. This is a unique intensive program, which allows participants from different cities of Ukraine to make a serious step in the IT in 6 weeks.

Why BIONIC School?

1. The ability to select the program according to your level and do not spend too much time (and money!) on the topics you know.
2. BIONIC graduate status is recognized by more than 50 Ukrainian IT-companies in Europe and the US
3. Access to the closed vacancies in BIONIC University partner companies through BIONIC Alumni Coordinator on LinkedIn
4. Being able to get your first job at BU DevStudio

What is the educational format at BIONIC?

Training is full-time, 2-3 times a week in the evening (after 18:00). At the end of the program, students defend their final projects before the expert committee and invited HR-specialists. The official certificate is issued to those students who showed a result of not less than 60% at the end of training and successfully defended the project.

Who teaches at BIONIC School?

Our trainers are Senior/Middle developers, team leads are of the leading IT-companies of Kiev (Infopulse, Ciklum, EPAM, Luxoft, etc.). These are industry professionals who are happy to share their experience with students of BIONIC School. We don’t have long boring lectures, but there is a lot of practice, obligatory homework and project tasks.

How to enroll in BIONIC School?

1. Select the program and apply
2. Go through testing to determine your entry level and pass a personal interview.
3. If the selection is successfully passed, sign a contract and pay tuition.
4. Learn and achieve success together with us!

Select the program and apply! 

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Client Happiness, %

Studying at Bionic for me was very useful and interesting. The knowledge helped to quickly master new technologies of development. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in your programs.

Vasyl Skliarov
Graduate of 7 Tech+Soft Programs

I think that Bionic is the strongest IT training center now, with a lot of relevant topics, trainers are all practitioners, enough practical tasks, a lot of like-minded and interesting peers. I would highly recommend to all undergraduates and juniors/middles, or people who want to expand their knowledge

Denys Balastryk
Graduate of 3 Tech programs

Yes, Bionic definitely helped me achieve what I wanted, namely to become a programmer. It's quite difficult to reach the level that corresponds to the modern requirements of employers on our own, and BIONIC helped me learn a programming language, technologies, and most importantly try everything on practical projects. Your university has influenced my life more than 5 years in good Ukrainian university. Thank you!

Margaryta Kozub
Graduate of 3 Tech+Soft programs